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ROBERT CANTERBURY, LD22: I would like to introduce myself. My family and I just moved here from Washington DC in January, where from August 2019 to July 2020, I served as the Security Supervisor of President Trump’s campaign headquarters. I am a 20 year Navy veteran, my wife is a Naval Officer who just transitioned in the Navy Reserves last month. I plan to run for office within the next few years and am ready to get started. I will be at the precinct committeeman meeting next Monday and I hope to meet some of you there or in the near future.


ROBERT CANTERBURY LD22: I attended my first PC meeting last night with LD-22. Had a great time, thanks to all the people that I met and thanks to my good friend Mitch Friedlander for introducing me to those people. Retired General Mick McGuire (US Senate Candidate), listening to you talk and feel your love, pride, and passion in our military and our country, The Greatest Country In The History Of The World, you brought tears to my eyes. It was nice to meet all of the great Americans and Patriots there. I will be working on getting my name out in my LD and around the Valley in the next few months and will consider a run for office in the 2024 cycle. Thank you for having me 22.


MITCH FRIEDLANDER, Maricopa Co. Hassayampa Justice Pct. Constable (candidate): I want to give a shout out to my new friend and the newest PC in LD-22’s Beardsley Pct., Robert Canterbury. Unbeknownst to me, he thanked me in his first Frosty’s post 7-22-21 Briefs. He is new to the valley, is married, has a two-year old child, a Navy veteran and he worked as a security supervisor at Pres. Trump’s campaign HQ in VA. I wish him luck in his future (political) endeavours!! Edit 7-27-21: Briefs errantly labeled Mitch Friedlander as the Maricopa Co. Hassayampa Justice Pct. Constable in the 7-26-21 Briefs. Friedland is not the constable, he is a candidate for the position. Scott Blake is the current Hassayampa Justice Constable. Apologies to both of them. – ft


ROBERT CANTERBURY – LD22: I would like to touch on a couple issues. The first, who agrees that there should be at a minimum live audio recording in all of our state K-8 classrooms, especially in those districts where they are still pushing CRT, which is now illegal by state law. But we all know they will try to slide their propaganda in there somehow. I know it could be costly, maybe getting some of the funding from the money that keeps those on the state’s death row alive for years and decades. The second, as a Level 2 Anti-Terrorism Officer by 2 federal agencies and the Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist certification from a nationally recognized organization, I can speak of the International community charging China with Bio-Terrorism if indeed it is found that COVID is a manmade virus and leaked on purpose. I just don’t believe we have the right people in DC to follow through with that. Just my 2 cents on these 2 topics. I am new to the area with a passion for politics and will look into running for office starting in 2024. I would like to connect with the readers and constituents in the LD-22 district and see what their top issues and priorities are.


ROBERT CANTERBURY LD-22: For those who believe that President Trump is/was the most racist President in history, let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Here are a few quotes from two of the longest serving U.S. Senators in history – Robert Bryd of my home state of WV, and Strom Thurmond, once a Democrat turned Republican, after LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, giving free rights to all races. “I am a former Kleage (recruiter) of the KKK in Raleigh County (WV). The klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in WV…and in every state in the union”…, “There’s not enough troops in the Army to force the Southern people to break down segregation and admit the nigra race into our theaters, into our swimming holes, into our homes, and into our churches…”MLK demeans his race and retards the advancement of his people…”The white people of the South are the greatest minority in this nation….. I served as the security supervisor for President Trump campaign HQ in Virginia where they had Latino’s for Trump, Black’s for Trump, Women for Trump, Asian’s for Trump, etc. These groups knew that President Trump wasn’t racist. People like Alveda King (MLK’s niece), Candice Owens, and Darryl Strawberry visited the campaign on numerous occasions. You may ask what these quotes have to do with a 2020 Presidential candidate, both of these men were mentors and idols to Joe Biden. Biden gave the eulogy at both of these men’s funerals. In 1993, Joe Biden called a female organization, The United Daughters of the Confederate, who support the south and KKK, a group of many fine people. Let’s also not forget about Biden’s young youth “predators” comment also in 1993. We can only speculate what group of people he was talking about. The media loves to print what they write, but they sure do not know how to research what they print. Yes, we can point out who the most racist President in US history is, but it’s not the one that the Democratic party makes it out to be.


ROBERT CANTERBURY LD-22: Mr. Brian Reilly, good day to you sir. I want to make a comment about your attack on Mrs. Kari Lake yesterday. 8-5-21 Briefs I haven’t watched her video but I will take your word on the contents of that video. I will, however, challenge you to your last comments that President Trump endorses winners. I am a President Trump supporter, even worked for his campaign in Virginia for a year, but not everyone he endorses wins their election or even the primary for their party. I challenge you to prove me wrong. You said that Mrs. Lake wore all black in the video, which makes her look like an ANTIFA member. If I wear a white shirt, white pants, and white shoes, does that make me look like a KKK member?


Robert Canterbury LD-22: This goes out to Mike Bertocchi of LD-18 and his smear piece on Kari Lake and Jim Lamon. First about Lake, saying that she can be an Obama supporter several years ago and changing her mind is very similar to Sen. Robert C. Byrd was a registered member of the KKK and later changed his mind and stopped being a member of the KKK. People can change their minds about stuff, (the government has no power over that yet). How many times have you changed your mind on things, Mr. Bertocchi? Now to Lamon. I don’t know if you know how committee selections are made in DC. Per, “The committee assignment process in the Senate is guided by Senate rules along with party rules and practices. Most new members arrive at the Senate with a “wish list” of committee assignments. What you said about. Lamon expecting to be on the Senate Energy Committee is like saying a Senator having a master’s degree in Homeland Security not wanting or wishing to be on the Homeland Security committee. It just didn’t make any sense. I think we should all want Lamon on that committee. I promise you, every politician who goes to DC has their “wish lists” of committee assignments. Lamon may WANT to be on the Senate Energy Committee, but he still needs to be “selected” to do so. The U.S. Federal Government is very smart, although they don’t show it about 98% of the time, but they do place the people who have certain levels of experience in a particular field in those committees. It’s kind of like me being an auto mechanic trying to be a college professor, it just doesn’t work that way in DC, although it looks like it. I think your point was taken, but not really thought out.


ROBERT CANTERBURY LD22: I am sure this is going to be a hot topic as it should be. State Senator Tony Navarrete LD-30, who was arrested over the weekend for sexually abusing 2 teenage boys. How disgusting can you get. I am so glad to hear that the AZ Dems are requesting his resignation, but it is sad that they must “request” his resignation. There should be a law in place that if an elected official commits a crime, they should be suspended until their trial. They must not be able to still have a voice for this state while they are incarcerated. For the state of Arizona, if I ever get elected to the State Senate, I make this promise right now. I will do all that I can in my power to make it a life sentence for any sexual crimes against minors. This crime against the most innocent victims must stop, because it affects them for the rest of their lives. Parts of their lives will never be the same or have the chance to develop, trust me, I know. Until the lawmakers and judges start to put the fear of the judicial system back into America, crimes like this will always continue. No more of my name is so and so, my father is so and so, I am famous, I have so much money, etc. We don’t care, the law is the law and no one is above it


ROBERT CANTERBURY LD22 to Mike Bertocchi: This is in response of your response to me for defending Kari Lake and Jim Lamon. I am glad to hear that you have followed of your own advice and actually listen to what Lamon had said. I know you didn’t compare Lake to Senator Byrd and the KKK, I did, only to show an example that people are able and allowed to change their minds and views on things throughout their lives. No harm no foul sir, have a great day.


ROBERT CANTERBURY LD-22 to Jeff Greenspan. 8-10-21 Briefs I did not say that Kari Lake was WISE and CONSERVATIVE. I said she is like every other American who can change their minds over things during their lifetimes. I assure you that I am Conservative. I moved here in January after spending 4 years in the “greenbelt”. I am from West Virginia and spent 20 years in the US Navy, been in 27 different countries, and for one reason or another, been in 48 states in this country, mostly due to my military service. I also lived in San Diego, CA for 9 years during my military career and I have first hand experience in living in a city and state that destroys people and I want no part of that for Arizona. While living in the “greenbelt” for 4 years, I was not in politics, I didn’t work for the Secret Service. I worked for a private security company when I worked on President Trump’s campaign. I still have many great friends who worked on the campaign as well. I am not the big shot that you make me out to be. I moved here because this is my wife’s hometown. I see things that are wrong, that many elected officials who are (bought and paid for on both sides) don’t care about because they don’t need to. I don’t hide behind political correctness. I’m not afraid to speak my mind. I want to do what I can to make the Valley and state the best it can be for our future generations. I am not a John McCain fan, never have been, never will be, in fact, I have a history with his son while in the Navy, not so great history for the younger McCain. You will be hearing or reading a lot more from and about me in the near future. Oh, I am not one of those “from the beltway” that views Arizonans as unsophisticated.


ROB CANTERBURY: Afghanistan has what it needs to take care of their own country militarily. The most powerful military in the world has spent nearly two decades training them. That doesn’t give Joe Biden the right to suddenly pull out with no help to the Afghan people. What Joe Biden did was just tell the entire world that they can no longer trust the US military. As of May 2021, 2,448 American servicemen and women were killed in Afghanistan along with 3.846 US contractors. Why were their lives lost, if we can’t finish the job. I served 20 years in the Navy and our top military leaders have failed us since 2016. You have a national disgrace in the JCS General Milley, who spent the last three years trying to undermine everything Pres. Trump did militarily. The Sec. of Defense cares about nothing other than to prove racism and “wokeism” in the US military. There isn’t as much racism in the military as the Dems want you to believe. When your life depends on your brother or sister beside you, it doesn’t matter what the ethnicity or skin color is. Biden just damaged every good relationship that will take decades to repair. I ask our elected officials to call on our leaders in Washington DC to do the right thing. I understand that the Taliban doesn’t fight under the rules of the Geneva Convention. Their biggest weapon is terrorism such as beheading, burning people alive, drowning people, etc, that can be beaten by military force as the military under President Trump showed the world. The Taliban will not stop when they control Afghanistan. They will spread throughout the Middle East, into Europe, and will pour onto the streets of our country, in a matter of time. Now is the time to stand and fight for our 2nd Amendment. We aren’t the only country that can stop it, this is an international fight that must continue. The weakness and wokeness in Washington DC are destroying our country. 


ROBERT CANTERBURY LD22: Hundreds if not thousands of Americans dying from Fentanyl daily, unfinished border wall, influx of illegal immigrants since 1/21/21, Taliban fighters will be in our neighborhoods very soon, being embarrassed on a global level in Afghanistan, etc. We all want to blame Joe Biden and rightly so, but who else can we blame. How about the Maricopa County BOS? For whatever reason, I think most of us know why, by not looking at the voting fraud where more than 75k illegal votes were found. We all know that how Maricopa County goes with politics, the state goes, but even if President Trump did “win” Arizona, he may have not won the re-election. But let’s look forward, CNN reported that Clink Hickman, then Chairman of the BOS, wouldn’t even take a phone call from the White House regarding fears of voter fraud in the county. Clint Hickman told them the only way he would talk to them would be in a courtroom. I didn’t know it was a crime to talk on the phone, Mr. Hickman. All 5 members of the BOS are refusing to even look at the results of the voter fraud in this county, and they are the body that supervises the elections in this county. If they will not even look at the results of voter fraud, how can we trust or believe them to do the right thing if their own re-elections are decided by very few votes or there is evidence of voter fraud? The BOS took away OUR VOICE and OUR VOTE (the single most important thing we can do as Americans) and we must elect 5 new members to the BOS in 2024. The county, state and nation cannot afford us not to.


Robert Canterbury LD22: On August 26, 13 U.S. Marines were killed in a country that we should not have been in. May they Rest in Peace. Their blood is all over Joe Biden’s and his clowns, the JCS and Secretary of Defense. Had the MCBoS had the best interest of their constituents in mind, rather than what DC wanted them to do, maybe this could have been avoided. By not reviewing more than 75k illegal votes, they put a voice to those illegal votes and took away your legal vote and your voice. As a military Anit-Terrorism expert, I can tell you that terrorist organizations love anniversary dates. September 11, 2021 is the 20 year anniversary, and while Joe Biden wants to be the one to have all Americans out of Afghanistan before that date, America is in extreme danger. As we get closer to September 11 this year, please be extra vigilant to your surroundings. Due to our open borders, thanks to Joe Biden and our MCBoS, your guess is as good as mine about how many former Taliban fighters that the Taliban has set free are already in our country or soon will be, planning for their revenge. If you tell yourself that this will never happen and that we are safe, you are truly delusional, but that is exactly what this administration wants you to think. Anyways, if you see something, say something, etc., if you think it is wrong or looks wrong or looks suspicious, it probably is. If the federal government won’t allow those who are supposed to protect us to do their jobs, we must protect ourselves. Again, send a big FU to Washington and to the MC BOS when we are fighting the enemy on our own streets in our own county.


ROBERT CANTERBURY LD22: This is for every person in Maricopa County that can legally vote for the members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Why will the MCBOS not fully comply with the subpoenas by the State Senate? What are they afraid of? Did the Zuckerberg money get into their pockets? The supervisors said they have given what they are legally and responsibly able to provide, and Dominion said that they don’t legally have to provide anything, given they are a public company. (Via, August3, 2021.) What also concerns me is that Fields Mosley, the county’s communications director, said that not all the equipment will need to be replaced and that the new machines will also be made by Dominion. (, June 29, 2021). I am sure glad that the MCBOS and Dominion and the other powers to be that run the county think that we are all stupid and that the same thing won’t happen again in future elections when they try to stop someone from winning an election. Dumbest thing ever, except that we are supposed to believe that Joe Biden got more votes than anyone running for U.S. president. I will say it again, how are we supposed to believe and trust the 5 member BOS if their own election is decided by only a couple thousand votes or there is evidence of widespread voter fraud in their elections? We can’t and won’t. WE MUST VOTE ALL 5 MEMBERS OUT IN 2024. By the BOS not fully complying, they not only stole our voice, but they took away our single most sacred right, TO VOTE, and gave it to illegal votes. I don’t need to be caught by cops to know I am breaking the law.


ROBERT CANTERBURY, LD22: MARICOPA COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS why do you think the people of this county are dumb? Our schools are open, our stores are open, our parks are open, people are flying all over the country, I even went to a meeting at the Glendale Water Department a couple weeks ago that had about 40 people in the audience; yet you are the only group that does not allow people to come in person to watch your meetings. You say you follow CDC guidelines and recommendations, but I call bullcrap. I say you are cowards. Cowards because all 5 of you know dang well what would happen if you actually had a live in-person crowd. Not speaking of anything physical, but you know you would probably have a protest type environment because most of the people in this county sees right through the BS that comes out of your mouths and actions. You know that deep down that part of your actions caused the disgusting acts by another coward joe biden in Afghanistan and you don’t want to feel the wrath of the citizens whose voice you silenced and the votes you stole from them. At least one of you, if not all 5 of you, need to keep our seats warm because I am certain that there are 5 people in this county, including me, that will bring trust, honor, integrity, pride and respect back to that board for the citizens of this county. WE MUST VOTE ALL 5 MEMBERS OF THE MCBOS out of office in 2024.


ROBERT CANTERBURY, LD22 PC: On August 26, 2021, 13 U.S. military service members were murdered in Afghanistan and with the cowardly actions of the clown who believes he is the President and his cronies who lead the U.S. military, and the 2,448 U.S. military service members and 3,846 U.S. contractors to die in Afghanistan died so in vain. To have a president need the approval of an international terrorist organization’s permission to allow U.S. citizens to leave the country is dishonorable and unfitting of his or her position. Our taxes have and will continue to rise, an open border for illegal immigrants and terrorists to walk not our country, without being required to get vaccinated against COVID19 while American citizens are required to, inflation growing so sky-high that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will still be paying for, etc. Pissed off yet? You should be. We all want to blame joe biden and rightfully so, but he wouldn’t be in this position to ruin our country and lead us down the road to communism without the help of Mark Zuckerberg and others “probably” paying off our very own Maricopa County BOS and those in other states. If there is nothing to hide with the election, why won’t they turn in all the material that the State Senate is requesting? MCBOS, you have American blood on your hands and dirty money in your pockets. Next week at my PC meeting, I will be making a major announcement regarding the 2024 MCBOS elections. Clint Hickman, you may want to dust off your office desk back at the egg farm, because after the 2024 election, that is exactly where you will be spending the most of your time.


ROBERT CANTERBURY, LD22 PC: I am running for Maricopa Board of Supervisors because if “they” can help the powers to be at that big social media organization and other rich and powerful’s cheat and steal a U.S. Presidential election, they can do the same to. Jim Lamon, Austin Smith, Frank Carroll, Kari Lake, Kim Yee, and every other person whose agenda doesn’t match up with theirs. I am running for MCBOS because I am a proud American and Patriot, who volunteered 20 years of my life to defend her against enemies foreign and domestic (how many of those cross our open borders every day?). I am running for MCBOS because we can’t trust the current MCBOS to do the right thing if their own elections are decided by only a couple thousand votes, or there is evidence of widespread election fraud. The citizens of Maricopa County need a Board of Supervisors who will do the right thing, all the time, not just when the AG threatens them to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. I am running for MCBOS because just like all of you, I can’t sit and watch our great nation that we all love continue to be destroyed by a clueless admin who only cares about turning us into a communist nation, led by a president who seeks permission of a terrorist organization if our own citizens can leave a foreign country. I am running for MCBOS because I truly believe that we are the greatest nation in the history of the world, and we have a lot more greatness left to come. Protecting and saving our great nation begins right here in Maricopa County, Arizona. Who is with me?


Robert Canterbury BOS District 4 candidate/LD22 PC: This is an analogy that Clint Hickman is probably all too familiar with. If there is 1 bad egg in the bunch, you can guarantee that there are a lot of others. What is Hickman’s integrity level on election fraud? Apparently, it’s 50K, as in 50K invalid votes. What is Hickman’s price for his integrity? More at the gas pump, turning our great Nation into a Communist nation, higher taxes, helping turn our country into the laughing stalk of the entire international community etc. Do you know what my integrity level is with election fraud and everything else in life? 100, as in 100%. Why, because my reputation means something to me, and it cannot be bought. A person’s life is measured on very few things. The most important is their integrity. How much for you to look the other way, just to get what you want? It’s time for Clint to resign. It’s only going to get more embarrassing for you and your great family’s name and reputation. And if it is true that you are calling on the powers to be to relieve Kelli Ward of her duties due to her criticism of what the MCBOS allowed to happen in the election, where is your self-accountably? That’s another important trait that defines a person’s life. Not blaming others for your failures. If you want everyone who is calling you out or has negative criticism about the handling of the 2020 election to be fired or relieved of their duties, 90% of this great county would be out of work. Taking back our nation starts right here in Maricopa County, Az. Who is with me?


ROBERT CANTERBURY, MCBOS candidate/LD22 PC: Politicians on all sides of the isle on all levels must regain the trust of the American people if we are to be able to save our nation. Here is 1 way to do that. In 2019, Rick Bohan, MCBOS District 1 Chief of Staff made a salary of $145,163. 149% higher than average, 191% higher than median salary in Maricopa County. Page Gonzales District 2 MCBOS Chief of Staff made a salary of $139,339. 139% higher than average and 179% higher than median salary in Maricopa County. The annual salary of the Governor of Arizona was $95,000 in 2019. I am not here to bash these 2 people for their salaries, I am here to bash the lawmakers who approved this. Can you please justify to the people of our great county on why a staff member of a county supervisor earns almost 1.5 times more than that of the Governor? If elected to the MCBOS, this is one of my pledges. I will never sign off on or approve of ANY salary ranges for my office or staff members or for any of my fellow board members. That money can be better used in other well underfunded programs. However, If I do receive a pay raise from means outside of my control, I promise to make a public announcement of what charities will receive that monthly difference. If you get into politics to get rich, you are automatically unfit to serve. Politics SHOULD NOT be the place where the rich get richer and the people who vote for you get poorer. Saving our great nation starts right here in Maricopa County, AZ. Are you with me?


ROBERT CANTERBURY; Maricopa County Supervisors candidate: I am glad to see that Twitter still doesn’t give a crap about our 1st Amendment. Yesterday, Oct. 5, I was on my official campaign page on Twitter, now suspended, and I retweeted a Tweet from Rudy Giuliani, stating that he praised Candace Owens for calling out George Soros. I too called out George Soros about putting in $2 million in the 2016 Maricopa County Sheriffs race that Sheriff Joe lost. Not 5 seconds after I pushed the submit button, my account was suspended. If and when Americans are able to sue these giant social media pukes this country will be much better. Taking back our great nation begins right here in Maricopa County, AZ. Are you with me? Please follow my new Twitter page at @ Rec4MCBOS. Thank you.


ROBERT CANTERBURY LD22 PC: I am not writing this post as a MCBOS District 4 candidate. I am writing this post as an American, a 20-year Navy veteran and Iraq War veteran. Earlier this week I learned that a good friend of mine committed suicide last week due to his PTSD and CTE. Troy Norrell and I served together at a Naval Special Warfare unit several years ago. Being in the special forces, sometimes you see things and do things that no person should ever have to. Due to some things that he had to do caused him to suffer from PTSD. Sometimes he would ask, “Am I going to go to hell for what I had to do?” Troy has a similar story to Pat Tillman, as he played major league baseball before giving up that money to serve a better cause. Troy was one of the best men that I ever knew, a true special forces warrior and real American hero. PTSD is no joke, people. It is a condition that is not visible, but still very serious. We must demand that the VA and other organizations do a better job of diagnosing and treating this condition, or it will get a lot worse. I fear that we will have more veterans who suffer from PTSD meet the same fate as Troy due to the way joe biden pulled out of Afghanistan, because they know that their sacrifices were all for not. If you know a veteran who may be down on their luck, maybe a neighbor, uncle, co-worker, you never know what just talking to them may do for them. Troy Norrell, rest easy my brother, your pain is no more. ‘Til Vahalla.


ROBERT CANTERBURYMaricopa County Board of Supervisors candidate, District 4: On Friday nights you can usually find me at a high school football game somewhere in the Valley. On most Saturdays, you can find me at a gun range shooting my guns. On most Sundays, you can find me at church. If Republicans do not retake Capitol Hill in Washington DC in 2022 and 2024, or the presidency in 2024, our children and grandchildren may not know these freedoms as we know them today. Every single one of our rights and freedoms under the U.S. Constitution is being threatened by Democrats and Rhinos in DC, and we must fight back to save our nation for future generations. Taking back America starts right here in Maricopa County, Arizona. Are you with me?


ROBERT CANTERBURY, MC Board of Supervisors candidate: On one of my special force’s training missions to Colombia, South America several years ago, a Colombian Army special forces commander told me only teach his guys what I could because he said that at least half of his unit were members of the FARC, a guerrilla warfare unit that was their enemy. On Oct. 13, I read on Fox News that Biden was going to allow 95,000 Taliban Era “Civil Servants” to enter our country this fiscal year. Can we trust the DHS to fully “vet” those individuals? Ten months of history says no. This goes straight out to you, Clint Hickman. As, at the time, the Chairman of the MCBOS when you certified the 2020 presidential election and with all the fraud that came with it, you helped put in office the maniac that we have today. And for what, a couple million dollars from Mark Zuckerberg that you say was used for “voter outreach programs”. We need a precise explanation on where and how that money was used, and we must demand that information, not ask for it. I am a brash person, I am a ballsy person, I like to “go out on limbs”, I like to speak my mind and I am an unapologetic American patriot. On January 9, 1969, Joe Namath guaranteed victory in Super Bowl 3. On Friday, October 15, 2021, I guarantee that I will beat you, Clint Hickman in 2024. Not only because I want to beat you, but because the future generations of our great nation needs me to. If you truly believe that Clint Hickman must go, I will be the guy that you want. Taking back America starts right here in Maricopa County, Arizona. Will you help me do so?


ROBERT CANTERBURY, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors #4 candidate: In a recent email that I sent to the MCBOS, I asked a couple very serious questions. (2020 election, the citizens of Maricopa deserve to know how the more than $2.9M of Mark Zuckerberg’s money (funneled through the CTCL) was spent on the 2020 election. The 2020 election that saw Joe Biden win the county as a Democrat for the 1st time since 1948 (Truman), only 8 short years after he lost more than 18,000 votes (in Arizona) for VP than he did in 2008. (2) There are 15 counties in Arizona. I contacted every county’s BOS and asked them if they were still holding in person, open to the public meetings. 11 out of 15 counties are still holding those meetings. The 4 that are not, Coconino (at least 4 of 5 are D), Greenlee (D, 2 Ind), Pima (at least 3 of 5 are D), and of course Maricopa County. The Arizona Open Meeting Law states that public meetings can be held via technical means, but many cities’ utility departments still have meetings open to the public in person, school board meetings are open, businesses are open, schools, churches, restaurant’s, etc. Yet, the MCBOS wants to hide behind COVID to not be able to show face, feel the wrath of the people of our county and be able to cut the feed off to the computer whenever they are asked a question they don’t like. 11/15 counties BOS has the balls to still have open meetings. Do you want a MCBOS who hides behind excuses? Me neither. Taking back America starts right here in Maricopa County, Arizona. Together, let’s Fire Clint Hickman.


Robert Canterbury LD22 PC, Maricopa County BOS District 4 candidate: This is a message for Adrian Fontes, former Maricopa County Recorder and candidate for Arizona Secretary of State. This is a quote from your campaign website, “Even amid the COVID-19 Pandemic and the violent insurrections at both the Maricopa Recorder’s office and at our Nation’s Capital, Adrian’s administration set up an elections infrastructure that led to record voter turnout in 2020. Adrian worked with political and community organizations across the political spectrum to increase registered voters by five hundred thousand people, making Maricopa County the second-largest voting jurisdiction in the country.” “Arizona needs a Secretary of State like Adrian Fontes. At a time when anti-democratic forces are undermining the right to vote, fueling conspiracy theories, and undermining the public’s faith in our electoral process, administering elections fairly and competently at the state and local level is more critical than ever.” Your Twitter campaign website says that you are a “election hawk”, which is odd because you must not have seen the 60K illegal or invalid votes that were counted. Since you were the county Recorder during the election, can you please tell us all on how and what the nearly $3M of Mark Zuckerberg’s money through CTCL was used? If you want us to trust you to be our SOS, we must first see receipts and proof of how the money was spent to turn a county who has voted for a democrat president just once since 1948 and suddenly turns blue. It sure does seem fishy that Maricopa County was the only one to flip, with the help of a lot of money. Taking back America starts right here in Maricopa County, Arizona, and I am the man to lead her into the future.


ROBERT CANTERBURY LD22 PC, Candidate for Maricopa County BOS District 4: I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels. Yesterday, 11-23-21, I noticed an article on the FOX News website that a voting integrity group led by former Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler is demanding accountability on Mark Zuckerberg’s $5.6M donation into the 2020 election in Georgia. Mark Zuckerberg donated nearly $3M to the Maricopa County Recorder’s office and the citizens of Maricopa County MUST start demanding Adrian Fontes show us where and how that money was spent in order to turn our county and state blue. Everyone needs to start flooding his office, campaign, email, phones and tell him that we want to know where the money went. A recent Tweet from Fontes states, “As a father, I envision a future where integrity is at the forefront of our elections.” As a person who is running for the Secretary of State for Arizona, if we apply enough pressure on him, he knows he must comply if he has any chance of winning the election. In other news, I have been doing interviews with people in places as far as Alaska and I was in a recent interview on Hub Radio Phoenix on Monday night 11-22. Election integrity is the #1 reason I aim to defeat Clint Hickman in 2024 if the next AG doesn’t throw him in jail. Not all the blame of Joe Biden goes out to Fontes and the MCBOS, but they did their part in the current ruination of the country. Taking back AMERICA starts right here in Maricopa County, AZ.


Robert Canterbury LD22 PC, Candidate Maricopa County BOS, Dist. 4: Here is my opinion about the public school system. We have rogue school boards and a rogue State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and a Governor who could squash these issues very quickly but refuses to do so. I recently resigned my position as a security guard at a high school in the Peoria USD, due to the powers to be at the school not giving 2 craps about these kids. I have firsthand knowledge of what goes on in a public school. The MCBOS oversees the county budget. The county budget of 2021 allotted more than 53% of all property tax to the public education department. I don’t know what that dollar figure is, but I will assume it is in the several millions. As far as I know, the MCBOS has ZERO control of how that money is spent. I know we all want less government, not more. If I am on a board of people that gives a public department several millions of dollars yearly, that board should have a say on how that money is spent. A very reliable source told me that there is a certain school district in MC that is sitting on $70 million in surplus. Guess what, you have that much money laying around, you won’t get any next year from the county budget. The money will go to the schools that actually need it. Teachers should be given pay raises on an individual basis, not district wide. Don’t reward bad teachers. If you are a teacher or concerned parent, please reach out to me. I want to hear your story and I want to help.


ROBERT CANTERBURY LD22 PC, Candidate for MCBOS District 4: I know my election race isn’t until 2024, but here is what I can and will promise to the citizens of not only District 4 of Maricopa County, but to every citizen of the entire county.

  1. On January 1, 2025, the salary of a Maricopa County BOS goes up $20,000, a salary that is more than the governor of Arizona. I promise to only accept the current salary, I will publicly donate the monthly $1,666 to a very worthy charity. I will not get into politics to see how much money I can make.
  2. If we are still using the Dominion voting machines for my election, the first phone call that I will make after being sworn in will be to the Sec of State office and find out how we can get rid of those in Maricopa County and get back to the basics of voting. Our nation’s future is too important to leave it to machines that can be compromised.
  3. I will do all that I can to get term limits set for the office of the MCBOS. I believe that every elected office in America should have term limits, even the U.S. Supreme court.
  4. I have seen firsthand the troubles in our public schools. More than 53% of property taxes in the county goes to public schools every year, and the MCBOS sets the county budget. Every school district in the county will need to prove that they are worthy of that amount of money. No CRT, no extreme sex-ed, etc., in our public schools. I will be part of the change in leadership that you need and want in this county moving forward. Thank you.


ROBERT CANTERBURY – Maricopa County Board of Supervisors #4 candidate: A quick stroll down memory lane of the last 16 months or so of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.
1. Take $2,995,000 of Mark Zuckerberg money to help turn the 2020 Presidential election, in which Maricopa County somehow voted for a president who has a 30% approval rating, help elect a Democrat president for the 1st time since 1948, and for a president who, while running for VP in 2012 lost more than 18,000 votes in this county than he did in 2008. And I have called on them to publicly announce how that money was spent and…CRICKETS.
2. Has been awfully silent on the results of the “America’s Audit” for more than 3 months.
3. Has not held a public, in person meeting in which nobody knows how long, hides behind a computer screen and CDC recommendations. Out of the 15 counties in Arizona, 11 counties BOS hold open to the public, in person meetings. The 4 who don’t, 3 are Dem controlled and you guessed it, Maricopa County. I am sure there are other events that they have failed at during this time.
Maricopa County, I announced back in September that I was running for Maricopa County BOS, more than 3 years before the 2024 election. If you believe that the 4th largest populated county in America deserves leadership who won’t hide behind a computer screen but deserves leadership that will stand on the front lines of every battle with you and IN PERSON, I will bring that leadership, that honor, that respect and that integrity back to this great county leadership. Help me get elected and you will once again be proud of the what the MCBOS can and will do for you. Thank you. Canterbury is a LD22 PC. – ft


Robert Canterbury, MCBOS candidate: In response to Jeff Greenspan’s question to me 01-07-2022 Briefs and 12-03-21 Briefs about the election. I answered that in the 12-7-21 Briefs , my answer hasn’t changed. During my 20 years in the U.S. military, I visited 22 different countries, most of which I helped train their military on how to defeat every threat that they will face that threatens their democracy and freedoms. I absolutely will not stand back and allow any threats to our democracy and freedoms to be successful. Stolen elections, in my opinion, is the #1 threat to our democracy and freedom. Since every election that happens in this county goes through the office of the MCBOS, I promise you that there will be NO ONE who is more serious on election integrity and fair elections. As I said before, if I am elected, the Nation will be awaiting the Arizona results, especially for a Presidential election because Arizona will be waiting on the results of Maricopa County. We all know whoever wins MC, wins the state. I will make sure that every T is crossed, every I is dotted, no dead people voting, no ballot harvesting, no people in New York voting in our county, no more 20 ballots being sent to a 3–4-person household, etc. Without fair elections, we may as well be the next Russia, China, or Venezuela because that is the first step towards communism and dictatorship. The freedoms of the future generations of your family and mine depend on fair and honest elections and no one will be tougher on that than me. Editor’s Note: Due to a heavy backlog of letters, Greenspan’s was accidentally posted twice. – ft


ROBERT CANTERBURY LD22 PC, Candidate for MCBOS District 4: Maricopa County is America’s 4th largest populous county. What kind of county leadership do we want? Do we want a MCBOS that hides behind closed and locked doors for more than a year, or do we want front lines of the battlefield’s leadership? The MCBOS is 1 of 4 Arizona counties that does not open their meetings to the public, and for good reason. They screwed the people not only of this county, but the entire nation and they are afraid to face us. The only way we can find out what and how they spent $3 million of Mark Zuckerberg’s money is to fill out a Public Records Request, which we will never see. I am running against the current District 4 Supervisor Clint Hickman. A lot of you may have known Clint for many years, but what he has done the last couple of years is unforgivable. I am a 20-year Navy veteran, Iraq War veteran, and been to the front lines of Iraq. I will stand on the front lines and fight on the front lines on every issue that all of Maricopa County will face in the future. I won’t hide behind a CDC mandate. I won’t hide in my office and hold county meetings on social media. I will fight election integrity, help bring in jobs, keep low taxes, help give parents back the power of their children’s education through the budget, etc. The 4 other new county supervisors and myself will bring the type of leadership that we need heading into the future and will make Maricopa County be proud of their county leadership once again.


ROBERT CANTERBURY, Maricopa County Board of Super #4 candidate: A few days ago, I posted this on my Twitter page. “Americans may not think of themselves as an “empire,” but much of the world does. The average age of empires, according to a specialist on the subject, the late Sir John Bagot Glubb, is 250 years. After that, empires always die, often slowly but overwhelmingly from overreaching in the search for power. The America of 1776 will reach its 250th year in 2026”. One response that I received from this is as follows, “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” by Edward Gibbon (Volume 6) was quite possibly the best book I ever had to read in school. It took Rome ~1,000 years to fall and it’s taking the United States, for the same exact reasons, 250 years. Unless We the People fight back!” I hope everyone’s eyes are open now about what we are facing as a nation. We all need to be scared to death about the road that our elected officials are taking us down. Whether you want to believe it or not, it puts a whole new light on the time that the Covid-19 pandemic started.


ROBERT CANTERBURY, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors #4 candidate: February 3, 1997, I officially joined the United States Navy. As a 19-year-old kid, I swore an oath to always support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic. I raised my right hand 3 more times and swore to this oath during my 20-year Navy career. Although I retired on February 28, 2017, that oath did not. It will be my driving force until the good Lord calls me home. Politicians on all levels swear to a very similar oath. In my professional career I have earned the title of Level 2 Anti-Terrorism Officer by two federal agencies and the title of Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist from a nationally renowned organization. You do not need to be an expert at this to see what a domestic enemy is to our nation. Those who support open borders, illegal immigrants being able to vote in our elections, no I.D. to vote, etc., are the real enemies of our great nation. Make no mistake, the greatest threat to a free U.S.A. is not what is happening between Russia and Ukraine, between the U.S. and China, or the Covid 19 plandemic. It is November 8, 2022. On that day, we must pray that true Republicans and Conservatives start taking back control in November. If you can look at the current condition of our country today and are excited for what we will leave for our future generations, then do nothing on that day. If you are like me, scared to death of what we will leave the future generations of our families if we continue down this road. A better AMERICA for your children and mine is the reason that I am running for MCBOS in 2024.


ROBERT CANTERBURY, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, District 4 Candidate: It is good to see that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are still around, although they still “follow” CDC guidelines to keep the business of the County meetings closed to the public. Clint Hickman was kind enough to share some information with us in the 2-17-22 Briefs and was said to have sent an apology letter for not being able to attend the reopening of the West Valley Republican office a few weekends ago 02-07-22 Briefs edition. It is funny to me that he can attend every other type of meeting in person except for the one’s where his constituents, who know all about his bull crap, also attend. He is afraid to face them. Maricopa County Supervisor Hickman also serves as the vice president of sales and marketing at Hickman’s Family Farms, and his family business has been employing inmates from the Perryville Corrections facilities for more than 20 years. Instead of paying good, hard working citizens a fair wage to work there, they pay the inmates $4.25 an hour. How much money does Clint stand to make off cheap labor due to his position with the county? I work with a former Corrections Officer from the Perryville prison and the inmates also work for the QuikTrip gas stations doing different tasks. I have no problem with Hickman Farms employing state inmates for workers, but not when Clint is in office. That is a conflict of interest if I have ever seen one. That is part of the corruption that I plan to rid Maricopa County of when I get elected in 2024. Thank you.


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