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   I was born in August of 1978 in Charleston, WV and grew up between my father's side of the family in the small town of Scott Depot, WV and my mother's family in Hurricane, WV on the family farm. I graduated high school in 1996, and 6 months later I joined the U.S. Navy in February of 1997. Growing up on small 70 acre family farm, I learned old fashion family values, gained my work ethic, learned about and followed God, hunted and fished, camped out in the pasture fields, learned to be a responsible gun owner and shooter, etc. I also learned the importance of family, which is the most important thing to me, as we all ate dinner at the farm every Sunday after church. Speaking of church, we could see the church from the front porch, just across a neighbor's pasture field. Sometimes we would walk through the field or ride in the back of pawpaw's truck to get there, but you could almost always catch us at church on Sundays, even my pawpaw's German Shepherd, Bo, who would sit next to him at the end of the pew. 

   I grew up blue collar and loved every minute of it. My grandfather served as the tail gunner of a B-17 and B-29 during WWII in the European theater. He later returned home to the farm he was born on and worked at the local Chevrolet dealership as a automobile body mechanic for more than 40 years. My father worked for the local county school system as a maintenance technician for more than 30 years and my mother worked for the West Virginia State Police for more than 30 years. My sister Kristi passed away in November 2018. 

   Growing up on the farm is where I learned my work ethic. Hard work and be damn proud of what ever you make was instilled in me at a very young age, and I wouldn't have it any other way. This is the exact type of leadership and work ethic that the citizens of Maricopa County can expect from me everyday while serving as one of your county supervisors. I describe my work ethic in 2 phrases.

1. I would rather bust my butt for $100 than have someone give me $1,000. 

2. If I didn't earn it, I don't want it, that way I can always say I got it honest. (A verse from a Aaron Tippin song).  

   Behind the farmhouse there were Indian caves in the hills where my pawpaw and his friends would go into as young children and collect arrowheads and other Indian artifacts. The farm itself has been in my family's name since 1862, even before West Virginia became a state. The farm even saw action from the Civil War on it.  

Family: Wife Carolynne, a first generation Salvadoran American and former 8-year U.S. Naval Supply officer. We have a son Noah and daughter Serena. I also have a daughter Kaylyn, who is a middle school teacher in Mississippi and son Lane, who works as a maintenance technician for his county school system in Mississippi.  

Hobbies: I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, and everything else outdoors. Collecting sports cards and autographs of celebrities. I am also a part time high school sports scout, connecting high school student athletes with college coaches around the country. 

Work: I am currently employed as a security officer with the Maricopa County Judicial courts, and occasionally serve as an Executive Protection Agent (bodyguard) when called upon. 

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