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Election Integrity: The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors oversee every election, no matter of what level, in the county. The 2020 Presidential election in the county has been marred by major controversy ever since that election day. Whether you believe it or not, the Dominion voting machines are not the answer to fair and honest elections. If those machines are still in place for the 2024 election, I promise to the people of Maricopa County to do everything I can to get rid of those machines . I will work together with the Secretary of State's office and even the Governor's office to make this happen. We need to get back to the basics of voting. Databases belonging to the DOD, DOS, banks, cell phone companies and countless others have been victims of breaches. The Dominion voting machines are no different. Any machine that you can plug into a power source or a Wi-Fi source is open to breaches. We must protect the single most important duty that we have as Americans at all costs, and with me in office, we will do just that. Our elections must be conducted with 100% Voter I.D.s, on one day, using only paper ballots, by precinct only, and only those who can justify a mail in ballot will get one. No more ballot drop boxes or ballot harvesting. 

County Budget: Maricopa County Board of Supervisor approve the county budget. I believe that for far too long, county departments have spent a lot of money irresponsibly.With me as a county supervisor, every department must prove and justify why they need what they are asking for. County departments will be held responsible for price matching and getting multiple price quotes for items and supplies that they need. I believe this will help cut down on overspending and in return help us to keep the county tax rate down to healthy levels. I will use the military budget style of "use it or lose it" approach when deciding to approve any of our 61 county departments annual budgets. In doing that, county departments won't be able to save millions of dollars of taxpayers money every year to keep in their own bank accounts. We can use that money saved to fund other "underfunded" departments, etc. 

County Taxes: Another duty of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is to set the county tax rate. I vow to the citizens of Maricopa County that I will do everything that I can to never raise the tax rate within the county. Maricopa County is one of the top destinations for Americans to relocate to for retirement and other opportunities and that is due to the current and former county Board of Supervisors doing a good job with keeping the low tax rates, we you can be proud of that.

Term Limits: It is my strong belief that every elected office in the nation, regardless of level, needs to have a set term limit. From small town county sheriff's, small city mayors to the President of the United States, and even the U.S. Supreme Court must have term limits. Too many politicians get in office, stay there for 20-30 years or more, become some of the richest people in the country, but don't really do what is best for the average American. Everyone can have a price to look the other way, views change, etc. This is something that 70-80% of the U.S. population wants to happen. I would like to see no more than (2) 4-year terms for the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in the future. ***I am currently working with several state legislators to get this bill on the floor to be voted on during next session.***

   Thomas Jefferson, our nation's 3rd President once said more than 200 years ago that, "If serving in an elected office ever becomes a career, corruption will surely follow." Somehow for some reason, most of today's politicians can't or won't comprehend that thought. 

2nd Amendment: My firearms, and I have several, will be the very last things that the government will pull from my hands. They may take my home, my vehicles, what I have in my bank account, etc., but I will die with my guns in my hands, and I will fight to make it the same for all Americans. I will never support any bill that will weaken the 2nd Amendment. Once the 2nd Amendment is gone, it will be very easy for them to take the rest of our rights and freedoms. We must also keep firearms and other deadly weapons out of the hands of criminals and felons. 

Safe Schools: We must protect our children while they are in their schools. Protection from weapons, drugs, bullies, etc., but also from negative indoctrination, extreme sexual curriculums, physical, mental, emotional abuse from teachers and staff, every aspect of Critical Race Theory, and protect (especially naturally born females) from transgender participation in athletics. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approves the county budget every year which includes a large piece for public education funding. 

School Choice: One of the most important things a parent can do for their children is to be able to provide them with the best quality of education. If that means that a parent must drive their child to a out of district school for that to happen, they should have that right. I support parents rights to school choice. 

Border Security: I am married to a 1st generation Salvadoran American, our son and daughter are 2nd generation Salvadoran Americans. With that being said, I am 100% for a closed southern border. We are a nation of opportunity, dreams, but we must make it for those who wait in line and do what is set by law to be able to come into our country. America did not become America overnight; it took centuries, and it took many sacrifices. The countries where illegal immigrants came from in the thousands and hundreds of thousands won't become free and prosperous countries overnight either. While Maricopa County is not a border county, I will commit county resource possible to assist those border counties of Arizona in the fight to secure our southern border. 

'Smart City': What is a 'smart city'? In the case of the 'smart city' that billionaire Bill Gates is planning to build in the western region of Maricopa County, is a 27,000 acre 'city' that he plans to build here. It will consist of no vehicles allowed that have internal combustion engines, no power distributing facilities, and only be powered entirely on digital technologies. This 'smart city' will house about 200,000 resident's, about the same size of Tempe. In his own 'city', Bill Gates will have control over the government, education systems, healthcare systems, legal systems, etc. What could ever go wrong with that? That is something that I will never support any Maricopa County resources to be used to build. 

15-Minute Cities: 15-minute cities is no other than the left's new agenda for population control. They want to enforce us to live our entire lives within a 15 minute radius of our homes. Shop for groceries, go to our doctor, our children's schools, everything we do on a daily basis will be controlled and limited to a 15 minute drive from our homes. As a county supervisor, I will never support the use of county resources for any type of infrastructure that any cities or community may need for their 15 minute city plan. If we allow 15-minutes cities to come to Arizona, we will need a passport like document to visit places like Sedona, Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, etc. 

Conflict of Interest / Ethics: As a Maricopa County Supervisor, I will work hard to make it illegal for any county supervisor to be appointed or elected to any county leadership role that they had a direct influence over that roles annual salary or annual budget, for a term of 4 years after they leave their office as a county supervisor. I believe this will prevent county supervisors from being "groomed" for another position. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors oversees 61 county agencies or departments. For example, if I am a big supporter of law enforcement, and I approve the annual budget of the sheriff's department, and the annual salary of the county sheriff, what is stopping me from raising the salary of the sheriff, and padding the bank account of the sheriff's office as a county supervisor, the same year I leave office and take over as sheriff? 

Protect our farmland: Not too long ago, Maricopa County's landscape was once filled with family owned farms both big and small. Now, Maricopa County loses more farmland per year faster than any other county in America. Why? It's not because of its fertile soil that many of the vegetables we buy at the grocery store. It's because right corporation's and yes, sadly even some local politicians want to get rich off the land. By driving small farmers off their land that have been in their families for generations, those big corporations become very rich selling out to home developers, strip mall builders, etc. I was raised on a small farm, and I know how important those farms are to our communities. As a Maricopa County supervisor, I will use every ounce of my authority to make sure we keep what is remaining of our farmland. I don't want my children going to cities like Buckeye and Goodyear and feel like they are walking in downtown Phoenix with high rise office buildings and apartments everywhere. If we are to pass anything down to our children and grandchildren, it will start with protecting and preserving our farmlands. That is exactly what I will do as a Maricopa County supervisor.



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